My left leg had to be amputated in August of 2006, below knee. The first prosthetic I received was from a well-known competitor. I went to see Joe in July of 2010, because I
was experiencing problems with it. The prosthetic Joe made for me was much lighter and
also much more comfortable. He also made a custom foot orthotic for my right foot that
also had been injured (crushed heel), and it was truly amazingly comfortable.

– David Booth

My name is Gabe Rembold, and I am 25 years old. I live in New Castle, Pa., and I have
Spina Bifida. This has left me paralyzed from the waist down. I have used leg braces for
as long as I can remember and have had many different types of braces and experiments
done over the years to find the right brace for me. When I first met Joe, it was to fix a
rivet that had broken in my last set of braces. The next time was because the knee strap
on that brace had caused a pressure sore on the top of my knee. At this time Joe
said, “Hey, why don’t we make you a brand new brace? I bet you it will be a lot more
comfortable than the one you have now and with a lot fewer pressure points.” It had been
almost three years since I had a brace made, so I was all for it. I went in for the initial
casting, and Joe and his team spent a lot of time making sure they got everything right
down to the last detail. I am a difficult case because I have scoliosis and my left knee
doesn’t bend like a normal knee should, so there was a lot of time spent making sure they
got everything right. Before Custom Artificial Limb and Brace, I actually had an
orthopedic company tell me they would not be comfortable making braces for me
because of all the special adjustments I need. So this tells you what Joe was in for. After
the initial casting for the brace, I went in one more time for the trial fitting and the third
time I went in, my braces were ready to go. These braces are by far the most comfortable
and supportive braces I can remember ever wearing. I haven’t had a single skin
breakdown as I usually do with any new brace, which usually keeps me going in for
adjustment after adjustment, and I haven’t had a single break of a rivet or supportive bar.
I will continue to use Custom Artificial Limb and Brace for all of my orthopedic needs
even if I move out of New Castle. I strongly recommend Joe and his staff at CALB to
anyone who needs any orthopedic work done. Everyone is friendly and very professional.

-Gabe Rembold