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Prosthetics – Custom Artificial Limb & Brace

In order to fabricate a proper-fitting prosthesis, a good cast must be obtained. Modifications made using a bank of knowledge acquired through education, experience enhance these measurement techniques followed by a successful test socket fitting. It is our goal to provide each patient with the most comfortable prosthesis to meet their daily needs.

Immediate Post-Surgical

  • Residual Limb Shrinkers
  • Custom Knee Extension Splints
  • Patient Information Brochures

Endoskeletal and Exoskeletal Systems

Upper Limb

  • Passive Shoulder
  • Myoelectric Fittings
  • Above Elbow and Below Elbow Systems
  • Locking Liner Suspension

Lower Limb

  • Preparatory Prostheses
  • Above and Below Knee Prostheses
  • Endoskeletal Foam Cover Systems
  • Hydraulic Stance Flex Knee
  • Swimming Prostheses
  • Flex Foot Prostheses
  • Suction Suspension Systems
  • Locking Liner Suspension for Above and Below
  • Knee Prostheses
  • Computerized Knees, Various
  • Articulated Ankle Systems
  • Rotational Control
  • Ultra Light Systems